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New and Improved 2013 Bouguereau Calendar

Dear Wholesale Customer and Friend,

The 2013 Bouguereau wall calendars are completed and ready to be shipped out. Featuring the classic Bouguereau images that you’ve all come to know and love, this year’s calendar is better than ever!

•A more streamlined layout for quicker day-day reference.
•Larger boxes make for easier writing.
• More than double the Feast Days.
•Detailed notations and symbols for fasting and days of abstinence.
•Monthly dedications of the Church Year on every page.

Not ten years ago, the Catholic market was largely unaware of Bouguereau’s masterpiece, “L’Innocence.” While the painting was over 100 years old, the few printers and art companies that possessed Bouguereau art in general had no idea of the goldmine they were sitting on. As such, Bouguereau art was not readily available for purchase as a consumer-sized framed piece, and certainly not on any gift product or calendar.

In 2003, Nelson Woodcraft introduced the Catholic market to “L’Innocence” and other Bouguereau classics, and the landscape of our industry was forever changed. The 8”x16” framed L’Innocence (NW-900C1) has become our all-time bestselling item, and while that and other Bouguereau pieces have since been knocked off and imitated mercilessly, Nelson quality and originality can never be duplicated.

Whether you’ve been buying these calendars for years or are seeing one for the first time here in your e-mail, it is our hope that you display this calendar and use it to help make your Christmas and 2013 a success. You may order as many as you’d like, and it may even help you to sell more of the highly-profitable Bouguereau framed art.

May God bless all of your families and businesses.

Mark Nelson