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TRIP-C3 - 10" x 10.5"

Since the debut of our fabulously popular tri-fold Christmas cards several years ago (more on those next week), we have heard over and over again this question:

Do you have a large version of these that can stand up on its own?

We have heard that your customers just love the image so much, they want something more permanent that they can use as a decoration. We have heard from you directly, wanting a nice display for the cards you carry. We offered a large display unit free when you ordered 25 sets or more . . . but the display was inelegant, and besides, the offer wasn’t that good.

We’re big enough to admit that.

This May, we created your solution, which debuted for the first time at RBTE in Chicago, followed a few months later by CMN in Dallas:

Standing full-color wood triptychs!

TRIP-C6 - 10" x 13.25"

Ideal as a mantle piece or countertop display, these beautiful wood items are 5/8” with a smooth, glossy finish, vibrant colors, and adjustable standing angles. All triptychs, with the exception of C3*, fold completely inward and flat to make for easy storage post-Christmas—though, by all means, these pieces can be displayed and admired year-round.

Retailing for $50 each, the pricing is spot-on, lending the proper value and consideration to these wonderful witnesses for the beauty of the Nativity.

Now allow us to be a little more candid for a moment: if you’re interested in carrying triptychs, please place your order soon, as there is already a waiting list. Demand has been incredible for these items—so much so that we can barely keep them in stock.

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TRIP-C4 - 10" x 11.375"
TRIP-C5 - 10" x 12.375"
TRIP-C7 - 10" x 12.5"