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STC-C2 Nativity Scene Cards

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Christmas Cards?
Catholic Christmas Cards?
Beautiful Catholic Christmas Cards?
Inexpensive Beautiful Catholic Christmas Cards?

Standard Cards ...

•come as boxes of 25 cards, with envelopes
•can be sold at your store individually or by the box
•each style card has beautiful scripture verses, poetry, or hymn lyrics on the inside, as well as a unique Christmas greeting.
•2 different sets:
     •Bouguereau Madonnas (STC-C1)
     •Nativity Scenes (STC-C2)

STC-C3 'Merry Christmas' Tri-fold Christmas Cards

Tri-Fold Cards

Our signature unique Christmas cards—you won’t find duplicate cards, or even similar cards anywhere—are reproductions of famous Nativity-themed triptych art. The “doors” of the cards are adored with Christmas messages and historical information on each masterpiece, and the cards come in lovely organza bags of 12 each.

These cards inspire the faith and give God glory by virtue of their artistic beauty—a hallmark of Catholicism. From our Cathedrals to our Sacred Music, art is one of the ways we Catholics preach the gospel, and these Christmas cards do just that.

•STC-C3 The #1 bestseller
•STC-C4 For lovers of icons
•STC-C5 An inspiring Renaissance masterpiece
•STC-C6 The #2 bestseller
•STC-C7 For lovers of Our Lady

Now Through 11/11/12, all orders of Christmas cards ship for free, so stock up!

STC-C1 Bouguereau
STC-C7 and STC-C5