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Nelson Christmas Guarantee: December 14th

Attention wholesale customers:

This year, we’ve set a deadline and are ready to offer a Nelson Fine Art and Gifts “Christmas Guarantee.”

DECEMBER 14th, 2012
2nd Friday of Advent

Our Christmas Guarantee is that all orders placed on or before this day are guaranteed to arrive at your store by Christmas Eve. Please note that this may not include certain backordered or discontinued items. This guarantee is for our standard shipping options. You will still be able to place an order after the 14th, but you will likely have to pay for more expensive shipping in order to receive your order by Christmas Eve.

Every year, we receive a massive amount of “special order” requests from our stores, and as a small family-owned business, we do our best to honor all of them. This year, as long as your order is in by December 14th, we guarantee the ability to honor your “special order” requests (though it’s always more efficient to sell from your inventory, so stock up now ;).

Merry Christmas!

-Nelson Fine Art and Gifts

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